Yoga practice is the experience of freedom and spaciousness that is constantly unfolding as we reach different layers of spiritual maturity. It means objective self-observation, self-acceptance and self anticipation toward expanding any contraction, unknotting any knot, in physical or mental form. Either physical poses, breathing or meditation becomes a conscious effort to recognize the all-pervading consciousness in any shape and form, at any level of practice, and enjoy the practice in its fullness. Practice becomes an intimate meeting, a listening within.

About Lea

The sparkle behind Samvidyoga is Lea Loncar. After many years of being a true yoga promotor, initiating a huge yoga growth in Norway, and opening Zenit Yoga studio, (later handing it over to her students), Lea moved to Netherlands in 2005 where she started Samvidyoga brand as continuation of her international work - yoga practice, life, research, and sharing.  Samvidyoga retreats, workshops, coaching and, TTCs are gathering together keen yoga practitioners, true seekers, and dear friends interested in yoga path, supporting many people in their process of change and awakening. Lea has lived in several European countries (Norway, Netherland, Spain, Croatia) and teaches in different languages. She is teaching today mostly at Adriatic coast, at wonderful remote places, hosting people from all over the world, and supporting them in their deeper yoga processes. Lea is a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-500 with the Yoga Alliance) and the founder of a Scandinavian yoga centre Zenit Yoga, a place to go for Yoga education in Scandinavia.
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Upcoming 2020 Yoga Retreats

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and other upcoming yoga events and yoga teacher training retreats and get an opportunity to learn from Lea, your yoga coach – a yogini with over 25 years of international experience in sharing and teaching yoga. She is a true health advocate and supportive guide in personal change processes.


•  February 21-24 - ZYL 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Norway

• March - Yoga Sadhana Intensive weekend, Split Croatia

• April 18-19 - Workshop Brno, Czech Republic 

• April 22-26 - Yoga Sadhana Retreat Intensive, Fuzine, Croatia
• June 27- July -18 TTC300 Yoga Teacher Training Course, ZYL

   International, IZ, Croatia (contact

• July 18-24 - Divine Summer Yoga Retreat, Croatia
• September - Zenit Yoga Retreat, Croatia


November 15-17  Workshop at Zenit Yoga, Norway - FB Event​​

 October ZYL 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Norway

17 August - 07 September - 300hrs RYS/RYT Yoga Teacher
Training Intensive
 in Croatia, Island of Iz. FB event.

 July - Divine Summer Yoga Retreat; Island of  Hvar, Croatia - PDF

 June - Croatian Yoga Retreat for Teachers - FB event

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