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Samvid Yoga


Samvid Yoga

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Samvid Yoga

Samvid Yoga - Insightful Yoga Retreats, Workshops, and Teacher training that support you where you are in your process of yogic transformation. Led by Lea, in a team with amazing guest teachers.


Samvid is an ancient Sanskrit term and can be translated as consciousness, direct perception, or insight given to all, “gives knowledge to all without any discrimination” (sam = on your own; directly; vid = to perceive). The idea behind the name is that you as a practitioner honor your experiences and learn through direct experience.


The elements of Samvidyoga


  • authentic yoga teachings - with reference in scriptures, current research, and long-term personal insights, that are shared in a non-dogmatic way to the yoga community in form of retreats, workshops, teacher training, and individual coaching

  • balanced retreat daily schedule that gives energy (not too much, not too little)

  • adventure – stepping out of the comfort zone

  • compassion -  caring approach to all beings

  • truthfulness -  professional and well-managed process of organization, teachings, and individual support

  • fairness and sharing - Samvid retreats share profit fairly with staff and Zenit Yoga studio, supporting its existence. Samvid yoga also offers scholarships and support to eager practitioners who are not able to afford yoga education.


Samvidyoga retreats, workshops, coaching, and TTCs are gathering together keen yoga practitioners, and excellent teachers supporting many people in their process of change and yogic transformation.


The sparkle behind Samvidyoga is Lea Loncar. 

My first encounter with yoga was when I was 12 years old. In 80ties, yoga was about a spiritual journey of self-discovery, and my thirst for knowledge and spiritual experiences has led me besides yoga to an early formal study of philosophy, anthropology, history of religions, psychology, dance, and music – to better understand the science of yoga. I have embodied a yogic lifestyle and adapted my educational and professional path to the need to both practice and study yoga with full intensity. Yoga study included various yoga styles and traditions (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Integral, Sivananda, Tibetan (Lu Jong), and Therapeutic yoga), mainly in India, the USA, and Europe. I was lucky to study with yogis such as Swami Satchidananda, Swami Ramananda, K.Pattabhi Jois, and his family, Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche, Doug Swenson, to name a few. My approach to yoga is influenced by Buddhist Vipassana meditation, Kashmir Shaivism, modern research in neuroscience and psychology, and vegan culture.

I find deep satisfaction, gratitude, and humbleness in transmitting the insights of yoga to the current and next-generation, through yoga teacher training, retreats, and writings. I serve the yoga community as a Registered Yoga Teacher & therapist (E-RYT-500 / Yoga Alliance, IAYT/The international association of Yoga Therapists) and as the founder of a Scandinavian yoga center Zenit Yoga, a place to go for Yoga education in Scandinavia. Besides yoga, my formal education is a Master's in psychology from a Norwegian university, with work experience as a university lecturer and HR & communication consultant. Currently, I work on a Ph.D. project in Psychology at NTNU University, Norway.  I am also a mother of two teenage boys :)


Private Sessions

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