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150 hrs Online Yoga Course

The 150-hour  yoga course  is a comparative and practical study of both dynamic and soft yoga approaches — vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, restorative and Tibetan yoga — through a simple and easy learning process.

About  the Course

By completing the program, you will earn a 150 hours YACEP® certificate of continuous education. The program is also approved by Zenit Yoga Education in Norway as part of the more extensive 300 hours RYS/RYT advanced yoga study. ​

The program includes 7 online modules and 5 coaching sessions. Online modules include all the course materials  (videos, links, texts, assignments) and group and individual follow-up through video conferencing and live coaching. 



  • retreat - annual yoga retreat with immersion in yogic lifestyle and practice 

  • yoga anatomy - recommended supplementary module for yoga professionals.


Cost: €950  

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Photo by Evaanker | @evaankeer

Course Program

Yoga philosophy and psychology

Comparative study of yoga texts (Patanjali, B. Gita, Vedanta, Kashmiri Shaivism) and psychologies

Distinguish different schools of thought and how they affect practice 

Concepts in yoga

Yoga wisdom to current modern life challenges

Asanas studies

What is the difference between hatha, restorative and yin yoga?

What are the alignment principles of ashtanga and vinyasa yoga?

Asanas that originated from scriptures such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika or Gheranda Samhita and compare them to modern yoga approaches

Principles of alignment and adjustment, and where different techniques are anchored

Subtle anatomy

Human constitution according to the ancient Eastern teachings on the subtle body of light

Modern science about the nerve system and fascia, both important in yoga movement

Link the practice of Pranayama to the theory of the subtle body

Pranayama and kriyas

Various Pranayamas and different breath techniques from both traditional yogas as well as modern breathwork and mindfulness studies

6 major kriyas (cleansings) that maintain the health of the body

Meditation and mindfulness

Different methods and techniques of yoga meditation

Mindfulness practices

Mind-altering techniques, including tantric yoga nidra, japa, mantra and vipassana meditation

Special needs yoga

Specific adjustments for special needs (such as a trauma-sensitive approach or yoga for athletes)

Correct use of props (external tools) and mental cues (internal tools) for activating body-intelligence

Yoga ethics and sustainability

Practical learning about creating an ethical and sustainable yoga lifestyle including business

How to budget retreats and teacher training, and how to handle challenging business-related decisions in a yogic way (for yoga professionals)



150 hrs Online Yoga Course

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