Samvid Yoga


 Insightful yoga Retreats, Workshops and Teacher trainings that support you where you are in your process of awakening


Samvid is an ancient Sanskrit word, and can be translated as consciousness, direct perception, or insight given to all -  “gives knowledge to all without any discrimination” (sam = on your own; directly; vid =to perceive).


The work of Samvidyoga consists of further elements


authentic yoga teachings - with reference in scriptures, current research and long-term personal insights, that are shared in non-dogmatic way to yoga community in form of retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and individual coaching


adventure – stepping out of the comfort zone

compassion -  caring approach to all beings

truthfulness -  professional and well managed process of organisation, teachings and individual support






The sparkle behind Samvidyoga is Lea Loncar. After many years of being a true yoga promotor, initiating a huge yoga growth in Norway, and opening Zenit Yoga studio, (later handing it over to her students), Lea moved to Netherlands in 2005 where she started Samvidyoga brand as continuation of her international work - yoga practice, life, research and sharing.  Samvidyoga retreats, workshops, coaching and TTCs are gathering together keen yoga practitioners, true seekers, and dear friends interested in yoga path, supporting many people in their process of change and awakening. Lea have lived in several European countries (Norway, Netherland, Spain, Croatia) and teaches in different languages. She is teaching today mostly in Norway and at Adriatic coast, and other wonderful remote places, gathering people from all over the world, and supporting them in their deeper yoga processes.


More about Lea

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